Irregular Posts; North Atlantic, Iceland 2018

Tuesday July 3,2018


Reykjavik; after 2 decades, the old part of the city looks much the same.  Old places visited are still there doing the same thing.  The city is expanding outward into the lava fields to the east.  I must say the short blocky condo buildings look drab compared to the colorful old style. 

Prices have continued to climb, especially for hotels.  For our overnight, we booked into Hostel International Downtown.  It is a couple blocks up from the harbor and where we disembarked from the ship.  Even this hostel wanted $75 EACH for a bunk in a ten bed dormitory, including breakfast and wifi.  We upgraded to a private for room for a another $25 each.  It did have kitchen privileges but we weren’t staying long enough to take advantage.. 

The cliental is not “youth” any longer.  People in the lounge area were the full spectrum of ages from 20-somes to gray haired oldsters.  I don’t know about the other new HI hostel in town but this old ones was cheaper, nice, comfortable, and convenient to old town and harbor.

Did I mention that the persistent low pressure weather stayed with us?  It did.  We did have a short break on arrival but drizzle and spotty light rain returned and stayed through our departure to the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  No rain pants but the waterproof jackets were welcome.

We had two meals in town. One in the plaza that had the LARGE outdoor TV screen for World Cup games (Spain lost to Russia while we ate).  A typical meal of fresh fish and a pint each cost $65.  “Tax and tip” is included.  Next day we ate at a harbor side place.  Same kind of cost.  This one did not have paper menus.  They had their selection of large fish kabobs for grilling were on display in the cold space. Arctic char or salmon or cod or …  and lobster soup.  Having had PROPER lobster from New England, lobster from ANYWHERE else is second rate at best.   The soup, while tasty, was a far second place to NE lobster bisque.  Two big kabobs and bread and a soup and a pint of Gull beer = $61. 

Airport check-in at Keflavik/Reykjavik is now self-service.  You go to a kiosk to enter information and scan passport and print baggage tags as well and then drop-off bags at the old empty ticket counter.  There were some people around to help  but no people working the check-in!!!!  We had frequent flyer tickets seats that were far apart as they had to be done separately.  Meg asked the gate agent at the gate if there were seats closer together.  She had my passport/boarding pass in her hand.  I got bumped up to business but not Meg!!!  Economy class only has beverage and purchase food.  She has some nibbles with her and we ate a sandwich before boarding.  So into Business I go.  Welcoming drink and then wine with dinner, thank you very much.  I feel guilty BUT…  On another flight on another airline she got to business on frequent flyer and I was economy.  Fair turn around?

We left Iceland before 7PM and landied in Boston at 9PM!   It was an easy exit through passport with Global Entry as others without it got into the long twisting line.  It was HOT outside. Jetlagged, 5 hour difference, and realfeel temperature lagged, 50F, we headed through the tunnel and up the expressway.

Home again, Home again Jiggiddity Jig! 


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