Irregular Images; Paris People

Landmarks! Landmarks are everywhere!  ;~0

People are in focus for this gallery.

commuting on bike


photographing in the Louvre

looking at art

looking at art

"lookng" at a fountain

selling in the market

oeufing on market day

consoling a crying boy


fiddling at Montmartre

harping at Montmartre









pianoing at Montmartre

accordianing in the metro at Montmartre








cuddling over the Seine

selling beside the Seine

pondering at NotreDame

begging at NotreDame









umbrella in the rain

watching out for you

People are moving landmarks.

“travel light and wear a smile.”  Jack Holmes












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  1. Thank you for the Parisian photo shots.Great mix of sites and everyday life in Paris. It’s never boring.


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