Irregular Post; Bagnols Again

Monday April 10, 2017

Bagnols en Foret


            Quietly eventful.

            KLM flights to Gena via Amsterdam began last Thursday with hard rains in Boston. Storms in the south and midwest screwed up air-traffic so that there were bad lines at terminals in BOS. After 90 minutes in one line we were hailed “Anyone for Amsterdam?  Follow me.”  Four couples left the LONG line and started a short expedited line for check-in.

            “OhOh!  Your reserved seats do not exist!  I’ll have to find new ones.”  said the agent.  “OK.  I have two near each other but not together; #26J and 27H”.  It turned out 26 and 27 are separated by toilets.  I am in an exit row with “extra leg room”.  Our new Global Entry card allowed us quick easy TSA pass through; very nice! 

            The plane was not at the gate when were supposed to load. “It is being towed over here (Terminal A) from terminal E.”  Through the rain, and occasional lightening, it appeared and carefully avoided the wings touching any other plane.  We did take off after only 100 minutes delay.  Not a problem as we had a four hour layover in Amsterdam. 

            Genoa is a small airport, easily negotiated for baggage, passport check, car rental, and exit on a Friday afternoon.  We have a Fiat Panda!  A “cute” little diesel manual shift car.  The trunk is only large enough for our two backpacks.  Out and onto the autostrada heading for a night stay in Finale Ligure, Italy, an hour from Genoa and three more hours from Bagnols. 

Finale Ligure

Destination an agritourissmo specializing in fruits wine and honey, Il Pernambucco del Contessa,  for the night. 

Il Pernambucco

The area is well known and visited for off road biking and rock climbing.  There is some hiking as well.  We did go up to a five century old church and peek into the obviously used space; no benches/seats in the quiet small stone chiesa.  

            At dinner there were 7 bikers from Milan, three more didn’t make dinner “Too tired.”  No menu, we were served the meal of the day. Four courses with local wine, cooked by the wife and son, served by the owner Rafael.  He had fine English.  Antipasto, pasta with mushroom sauce, milanese pork with roast potatoes, chocolate custard with amaretto, and a small glass of his orange liquor like limoncello.  And yes we did drink the whole bottle of local rose.  We did sleep well.  Breakfast was breads, his fruit juice, his marmalades, his honey, ham and cheese and italian coffee.  Total cost for room and board and a bottle of his orange liquor 150E. !!.


            Bagnols for lunch.  The driveway is under construction so we park on the hill above the house and walk down.  This walk down is tough for David as he has a foot injury that requires he not walk on the right foot and he must use crutches.  He was walking barefoot at Alice’s grandmother’s in Paris.  A lost sewing NEEDLE was in the carpet and found his foot.  Deep and buried near the ball; minor surgery with anesthesia. 

            The family fly to Nice from Paris to continue the vacation.!. Wrapped and crutched he became a passenger.  A visiting nurse comes to the house to check his progress and change his bandages three times a week.  He hops about on his left leg and occasionally uses one crutch in the house and supermarket.  It does take two crutches for driveway etc.  “The feeling in your toes should return gradually in the next couple of months.” said the nurse. “It is normal after that probing for and extraction of the needle.”

            Tristan, almost 3, and Gabriel, 16 months, are BOYS and Brothers.  Tristan is tri-lingual and Gabriel, has a few words.  They are both napping this afternoon after running and playing all morning.  I am napable now as well. 

“travel light and wear a smile.”

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