Irregular Post; HomeAgain – Summer 2016

Saturday July 23, 2016

Good Day,

“Home again, Home again JiggiddityJig!” From the 80F blue skies of Provence to the 60F cloudy of Dublin to the 93F hazy Boston in a day and a half.

“Au Revoir, Bye Bye. Zaijin.”  “Je t’aime, Love you, Wo ai ni.”  With kisses and hugs and waves, we are off.

Nice is about 75 minutes from Bagnols. The rental car had to be back by 10A or pay EXTRA $ so we had a few hours to sit in the airport until Aer Lingus to Dublin at 4:30P. Nice Aeroport has free wifi everywhere so doing computer work, writing and posting could be nicely done. Our scheduled arrival in Dublin was about 90 minutes too late for the connection flight to Boston. Not a problem; layover for a day. Meg has a Camino friend there that could join us for dinner and conversation. We could walk about in the morning before the connection to Boston in the afternoon. Perfect.

Dublin was cool and gray, like the North of England that we had experienced in June. Our hotel was in the Temple Bar neighborhood and convenient to the airport bus route. Meg’s friend Steven joined us for dinner at a local restaurant not far from THE famous Temple Bar and the Snug, the oldest pub in Dublin. McGill’s is very pleasant local place for eating and talking not for drinking and loud noise. Steven is a fine story teller. I will say that after French food and the Mirazur’s experience, McGill’s food was very Irish – good but uninspiring.

The waitress noticed my HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank) credit card and commented that she and her husband were moving to Hong Kong at end of summer. That precipitated a nice conversation about living in Hong Kong. Steven walked us about a bit before he caught his bus home.

In the morning Meg and I walked about for a few hours; Temple Bar neighborhood in the AM, Trinity College, Merrion Park, Dublin Castle, and back to the Temple Bar neighborhood for lunch. I had not realized before coming to Dublin that Temple Bar is NOT a bar but a neighborhood with many “Temple” bars. Lunch at the Pork and Beef across from the Snug once again demonstrated Irish food as good but uninspired. They had Guinness and Heineken available. Neither appealed; we are not Guinness affectionados and Heineken!! in Dublin??

Dublin Airport also has free wifi everywhere. It also has US Passport Control THERE. You have to go through three security screenings and US Immigration before you get to the loading gate. I think Dublin is the only European airport that does this. I think Toronto also has this. When you arrive in Boston, you do not have Passport or Customs to go through.

Boston at 7P was 93F!!!. As we left the airport headed to the tunnel in East Boston, a blaze with black smoke and big flames had just started in a building bordering the highway; famous Santarpio’s Pizza?? It looked like the kitchen area and the building beside it. Fire trucks had not yet arrived. Our shuttle van passes the blaze and entered the tunnel and we were gone. Heading up the highway for Andover. We were dropped off at the park and ride over the hill from home. Up and over the hill we schlepped. Into OUR hot house as it was getting dark. Gone since mid June; England, France, Monaco, Andorra, Ireland. We made a wrong turn on the way to Andorra, so we missed the approach through Spain. We arrived in Menton early enough at the restaurant so we didn’t have to park in Italy.

A bit jetlagged, but it will be hot enough that getting up in the cool of before 6A is a good idea. After some coffee, it will be post office for the month’s mail, and then the grocery store, and then >>> .

“Travel light and wear a smile.”  Jack Holmes

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