Irregular Post; Nice France

Monday Dec 26


          A Christmas weekend in Nice; Lovely. We are a few blocks away from the Promenade Ingles and the beach. Too anyone to be in the water, but everyone is out walking and using new roller blades and scooters and radio cars and … There is a dedicated two lane bike section and very wide walking, jogging promenade beside the roadway for cars and buses. Busy place. And to think this is where the truck massacre took place 6 months ago on Bastile Day.

          Friday, 24th the open air market had flowers in addition to the foods, fruits, vegetables etc. Open markets are marvelous things to experience and to shop in. As a traveler, they say a lot about the culture and I prefer his to supermarkets. The variety and convenience is lacking but the vitality and immediacy is great. Dinner on Christmas Eve was of local choices. Daube (beef stew) is very tender long cooked beef with carrots in a rich gravy. It is served with some kind of pasta!! Mine came with gnocci and Meg had it on Monday with ravioli that resembled tortellini. Meg had stuffed vegetables. Very nice with a local red wine. Dessert was crème marron, a mousse of chestnuts!, with a whipped crème topping. It was so rich we needed coffee to end.

          Christmas day we walked the promenade in the morning with many others. Meg posed with a bunch of jogging Santas. New roller blades on kids wearing color coordinated kneepads and helmets, pink scooters, Santa hats on many. As usual, there were a handful of men with their fishing poles deployed on the beach.

          We were dressed for dinner. Reservations at a fine restaurant for 12:30. Good thing as they turned a walk-in couple away who didn’t have reservation. We didn’t leave until 3P! Attached is a composite 6 shot photo of dinner. BOY WERE WE STUFFED. Some noteworthy items; foie gras, smoked salmon, beef wellington, and much more.

          Back to the hotel a few blocks away to change into warmer less formal togs for Promenade walking. In Italy this late afternoon walk is a “Passeggiata”; look good, see and be seen, stroll in the lovely scene. We walked the distance around to the old port, where Meg recalls singing patriotic songs at the lighthouse on July 4th four decades ago with a college friend. On the way back the sun was setting just below a cloud deck that had persisted most of the day. AN amazing saturated color sunset happened.

          Monday, our last full day here we spent a few hours in the Marc Chagal museum. He was a prolific vibrant non-realist painter. Afternoon saw us walking in the open market again. Monday is flea market day. Some real cheap stuff but also a table of very old cameras; $200 for one that looked like the camera that my mother gave me 55 years ago!! I photographed the table but did not buy. More walking and then another sunset of vibrance.

          Now the repacking is done. Tomorrow, we go to airport to rent a car and head to Bagnols- en-Foret for a week with the Hong Kong Holmes family. ;~} After New Years they head back to HK and we return to airport, leave the car and head to Malta.

“travel light and wear a smile.”

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