Irregular Post; Paris in December


December 2016


First leg;  IcelandAir to Paris for a couple of days. WE left BOS Wednesday PM, changed plane in Reykjvik , landed in Paris, and ensconced at an Ibis Styles hotel at the airport.  This one has a planetary/StarWars theme. for decor.  Interesting.

RER into the city takes a few a half hour but is quite convenient.  We spent time in the Galeries Lafayette.  Some very expensive name goods for sale.  I could replace my old broken watch with a name for between 150 and 750E but I could just wait.  The terrace has some vistas and the street store windows are paper creations with fantastic moving pieces.  Attached are two quick images with minimal post-processing.

Friday 14th


A couple of short days in the City of December. Kind of Christmassy but not crazy. The first leg of the journey was with Iceland Air. An offer of $430 round trip BOS-CDG came last May and it was grabbed for a month travel. WE knew we were going to visit with David Alice Tristan and Gabriel in Bagnols after christmas until New Years. So we filled in other times; Canary Islands, Nice, Malta, and more Paris at the end. The other planes were done by Airtreks because of the difficulty of scheduling. VERY INTERSTING legs for these connections.

The Ibis Styles hotel at the airport was very convenient to the terminals. We needed that because of the very early flight on Saturday to Canary Islands. It was a crowded hour commute by metro into the city. But Meg knew how, where, and when. Even getting a discount pass that requires a passport picture laminated into it. It is rechargeable like a Charlie Card in Boston, or an Octopus in Hong Kong.

Night in the city with the lights and the crowds and the not too cold temperatures. Nice! Eiffel from the terrace at the Galerias Lafayette. The spot-light beam on Eiffel Tower swung about the sky. Galerias’ decorated store windows were themed in white paper constructions, animated, creative. Kids of all ages were enthralled.

Friday, we walked about the Marais area doing some street photography. At 1P Meg had an rendezvous with a Camino friend. He is a business grad student in Paris from Univ South Carolina. We had a nice leisurely lunch and conversation before he had to get back to school for a party. He returns home to Columbia, SC for a holiday break.

We worked our way to the Champs Elysee for the Christmas Fair and the LIGHTS and the crowds and the … Back in July 2005! we were on the street was for Lance Armstrong’s retirement “win” of the Tour de France. I have fotos of it and of Meg in front of the Thai Embassy gates. NOW that place is an Abercrombie and Fitch!!! Walk up the tree lined path, into the courtyard in back, through the black and gold gilt painted door and into the store. Ornate dark wood and A&F stuff all over. An roofed open center of the building is four floors high with what would have been offices and rooms opening to the balcony that looks down into the former courtyard WOOW. An English speaking employee inside didn’t know anything about an embassy. He thought it had been a movie theater before A&F opened there 4 years ago.

The street is traffic filled, the sidewalk is jammed, a lot of energy. The cross walks lights stop the traffic for the crowd to cross. We stopped in the center to photograph up to the Arch and down to the Ferris wheel. Traffic began again with us and a few others on the center island. Then the light changed to let us complete the cross.

Around the corner and all the way down to Eiffel we walked, like we had done11½ years ago. Eiffel now has a security check at the entrance. This night the tower was closed due to a “social action” (strike) but you could walk around inside the barriers and fences after security. Been there done that. We took the RER back to Gare Nord and our train back home to repack for the next leg.

“Travel light and wear a smile.”


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